Welcome to Luma Eyewear!

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of Devon & Cornwall, we craft sunglasses for those who share our passion for the great outdoors and are conscious about the environment. At Luma, it’s all about blending sustainable practices with sleek design and a spirit of adventure.

Every pair of our sunglasses starts with a commitment to the environment. We use sustainable wood and recycled ocean plastics, turning them into stylish eyewear that not only looks good but does good too. Each purchase helps raise awareness about conservation and supports practices that help protect the natural world we treasure.

Luma Eyewear is inspired by everything from the tranquil forests to the rugged coastlines of our home region. Whether you’re trekking through the woods or surfing the waves, our sunglasses are crafted to enhance your outdoor experiences and stand up to the elements. They’re the perfect companion for every adventure, designed with the needs of nature enthusiasts, forest explorers, beach goers, and surf aficionados in mind.

When you choose Luma, you’re not just buying sunglasses—you’re joining a family of adventurers who care deeply about preserving the beauty of our planet. Our sunglasses do more than protect your eyes; they make a positive impact on the environment. So, let's step forward together into a brighter, more sustainable future. Every pair of Luma sunglasses embodies the spirit of Devon & Cornwall, crafted for those who love these lands as much as we do.